The basic difference between apartments and service apartments


The basic difference between apartments and service apartments

 In older days, booking a hotel for accommodations while travelling was a tedious process. However, now with the advent of service apartments, accommodation is now easier and more convenient as well.

 Most convenient form of accommodation

 Service apartments Gurgaon is one of the most convenient forms of accommodation when you are travelling for vacation or on official purpose. A service apartment is definitely cheaper when compared to a proper hotel and the best part is that, you can stay as long as you want for long periods of time. Service apartments was previously a concept which was unthinkable but now it has gained grounds, and now it is more than staying in a hotel. They can also be booked online and many of these apartments also offer discounted price in seasons.

The best furnished apartment in Gurgaon

 Serviced apartments in Gurgaon is defined as a kind of fully furnished apartment that is available for long term as well as short term stays. They are available at cheaper rates and more space and privacy. They are completely well equipped with hi-tech gadgets and appliances. An apartment on the other hand is a unit that occupies part of a building and is either furnished or unfurnished. Apartments are more often than not owned or rented and considered more of a residence than a place of accommodation.

Different kinds of service apartments and vacation rentals

Service apartments and vacation rentals Gurgaon are available in various kinds. They are usually available in extended-stay hotels, condotels, flatotels and corporate or executive accommodations. They offer daily or weekly cleaning services. You can stay up to three months in serviced apartments and it can be leased for at least a year if not more. You can even choose from a variety of studio apartments Gurgaon and holiday homes Gurgaon which are located at convenient locations at an affordable price.

Choose from the best service apartments in Gurgaon after comparing with the rest.


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